I offer educators anti-bias & anti-racism workshops: open to all.




Workshops are designed for educators working in all settings including early childhood, religious education, after-school programs, K-12, public and private schools, and teacher education programs at colleges and universities.



My workshop style is "learning by doing," honoring your educator's entry point into anti-bias antiracism. Educators spend the bulk of their time exploring a range of hands-on lessons to deepen their knowledge and practice. Participants are empowered to be full shareholders in their learning journey by engaging in small group active movement; this is not a "sit and get." Expect to learn the language of inequality, identify practices you want to change,  create a self-study for action and join a community of accomplices. Participants will have time to ask questions, share concerns and request specific resources they need to continue this work. 


Introduction to Anti-bias Education 

One-Day Foundational


Weekly private office hours included  for the school year

All Are Welcome


$5,000 + travel

(outside of Greater Houston) 

In this introductory workshop, adults work to develop critical cultural consciousness (an understanding of and respect for their own identities and cultural values as well as for those of others) within their teaching practice. An interactive workshop designed to empower educators to utilize anti-bias education. The training equips members with a common language to assist with navigating discussions around diversity and justice in the classroom. Participants will leave with an understanding of how children develop racial and ethnic prejudices early in life, how to identify stereotypes, how to respond to pre-prejudice, and the tools to combat explicit and implicit biases. Participants will develop begin to create a developmentally appropriate anti-bias environment. Activities are practiced throughout the workshop to promote further understanding.





The Fundamentals of Anti-Racism Education 

One-Day Intermediate​

*Previous ABAR Work Required 

Weekly private office hours included  for the school year



$5,000 + travel

(outside of Greater Houston) 

This introductory workshop launches US-based educators into anti-racist practices through a historic context. In this introductory workshop, adults work to develop a liberatory consciousness, the process of developing an awareness that identifies the continuation of oppression and the recognition of privilege. Participants will explore the timeline of race and racism in education as a critical component for understanding racial inequities and structural racism. Structural racism involves the cumulative and compounding effects of an array of societal factors including the history, culture, ideology, and interactions of institutions and policies that systematically privilege the dominant culture. From there, activities are practiced to promote further understanding of equity and inclusion principles. In this level two workshop, educators move from reacting to stereotypes to proactively addressing misconceptions and designing culturally belonging in their classroom. Workshop participants will learn by experiencing a range of lessons using critical engagement, differentiated instruction, and cooperative learning groups. 


Implementing Anti-bias Anti-racist Education

Two-Days Intensive 

All Educators Welcome

Unlimited private office hours included  for the school year


$10,000 + travel

(outside of Greater Houston) 

Imagine a classroom where learners are actively engaged with their peers, moving with purpose, and trusting themselves to complete their work. Implementing Anti-bias Anti-racist Education is a two-day workshop for action-orientated educators ready to move from theory to practice. Educators learn how to use the environment as a tool for classroom management and academic engagement by designing a dynamic physical space that promotes independence, collaboration, and social-emotional security. Our goal is for learners to feel confident and prepared to work as if the educator did not exist and to prepare culturally aware and active educators. On day one, you will leave with a plan for creating a welcoming and inclusive physical space and anti-biased routines and procedures promoting a positive learning environment. Day two is focused on the curriculum and instructional methods by first understanding how children develop prejudices, how to identify stereotypes, how to respond to pre-prejudice and the tools to combat all forms of explicit and implicit biases. 

Anti-bias Education at Home 



1.5 Hours 

Families + Community Members

All Are Welcome




When we commit to collectively talking about fairness, equality, and justice with young children, we begin to envision a world in which not only children, but all people are treated with dignity; free from the burden of unfair assumptions based on a single characteristic. It becomes a world where we actively challenge racism and bias each and every day. The goals of this family and community presentation are to dismantle the color-blind assumption and prepare children to work toward justice. This presentation shares concrete ways families can support their children’s developing racial and ethnic identities. Families learn how to empower their children, affirm their numerous identities, and accept differences. 


Britt Hawthorne is a nationally recognized equity education trainer on diversity, inclusion, and justice. Britt partners with action-oriented educators, helping them to plan their next steps for creating classroom environments that are inclusive and equitable for all learners. Her work seeks to move justice from being an idea to the authentic culture. 



"Britt is wholeheartedly committed to this work and shares her journey while embracing compassion and challenging accountability to all with whom she interacts. She is a master at what she does, and all are honored to learn from her!"

—  Krystal Perkins, Magnet Coordinator 

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