Bias Isn't Just A Police Problem, It's a Preschool Problem 

What is the Problem? 


Every teacher enters the profession with the best intentions, but without deliberate and conscious anti-bias/anti-racist work, then our biases will impact our learners. Implicit bias is a universal phenomenon, not limited by race, gender, or even country of origin. There is a ton of research being done right now documenting teacher bias in the classroom and the consequences for learners academically, socially and emotionally. Bias is present in all teachers and even in our youngest learners and we can do something to change that.


What Can We Do About It?


Educators and families can identify risk areas where biases affect behaviors and judgments. Instituting specific procedures of decision making and encouraging people to be mindful of the risks of biases can help us avoid acting according to these biases that are contrary to our conscious values and beliefs. 


Where to Start?

Begin by reading "Developing a Liberatory Consciousness" by Dr. Barbara J. Love. 


Then explore the compiled list of resources to build awareness and analysis.  


Take this test to see how it works for you: Implicit Bias Test 


Then schedule an in-person workshop for your school community. 


"If we teach our students to work against white supremacy and racism, we can help create a world that no longer nurtures hatred, but actively challenges the hateful beliefs that lead to targeted violence."

by Christina Torres

The Urgent Need for Anti-Racist Education

"The characteristics listed below are damaging because they are used as norms and standards without being pro-actively named or chosen by the group.​"


by Kenneth Jones and Tema Okun

The Characteristics of White Supremacy Culture

"Gender-inclusive language isn’t typically something you learn in school, but its use is incredibly important to make life easier for nonbinary peers." 

by Adryan Corcione 

How to Use Gender-Neutral Words

Britt Hawthorne is a coffee-drinking, anti-bias/antiracist guide working to develop learner agency with socially conscious adults. 

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